Phillip Executive Search membutuhkan LOGISTICS MANAGER (SUPPLY CHAIN) yang akan ditempatkan di Provinsi Banten.. Bagi anda yang berminat mohon untuk membaca persyaratan yang diajukan perusahaan, jika telah memenuhi syarat anda dapat mengajukan lamaran anda dengan mengeklik tombol keterangan lebih lanjut di bawah.

Detail Pekerjaan
- Perusahaan : Phillip Executive Search
- Lokasi : -, Banten
- Tanggal : 21 Nov 2017


We provide our clients with the most innovative executive selection
methodologies, industry expertise and networking capabilities.

Most importantly, it`s about understanding you, our candidates. It`s
about listening to you and genuinely caring. We take the time to
discover your skills, attitudes and personality intangibles that are
not always obvious on a resume

By matching the best talent to the best opportunities it means we are
bringing two parties together to create something better, stronger and
more valuable for mutual longterm success.

Duties & Responsibilities
Manage group of customer service & documentation team, leading a
group of staff assigned within the group perform assigned tasks
Monitoring all shipments and inventories are billed timely and
accurately and keeping track on the Profit & Loss for the accounts
Contract negotiation, building, establishing, maintain and improve
relationships with customers
Responsible on charter enquiries and maximize profitability of
project shipments.
Update clients on market information, reviewing SOPs together with
all the relevant departments.
Perform operations to match customers' KPI requirement and
facilitate implementation within the department.
Regularly review the requirements with the respective personnel to
ensure understanding and compliance.
Management on client's expectation by regular review and KPI
measurements internally, including with operations.
Utilising of resources and manage effectively on all shipments for
heavy lifts and sourcing better freight rates.
Work closely with Warehouse Operations to ensure timely and
accurate movements of inventory.
Ensure all inventory are well maintained and moved within agreed
timing and dates, keeping up to date systems inventories and on hand
reports are accurate.

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Profile Perusahaan Phillip Executive Search
Phillip Executive Search

Maaf kami belum memiliki informasi lengkap mengenai perusahaan Phillip Executive Search. Team kami akan segera menambahkan informasi mengenai perusahaan ini sesegera mungkin. Mohon maaf atas ketidaknyamananya ini. Jika anda tertarik dengan lowongan LOGISTICS MANAGER (SUPPLY CHAIN) anda dapat mengajukan lamaran anda.

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